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At ADP Ingénierie (ADPI), we customize each of our solutions to our clients’ needs. Because there are as many solutions as there are clients, we create a solution that’s customized to your specific requirements. The principle of a long-term relationship based on trusting our clients and partners has enabled us, by involving them in our thinking and work, to always offer them customized solutions.

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Our solutions

360-degree expertise that’s 100% airport focused

Delivered in conjunction with our multidisciplinary team of airport architects and engineers, covering the entire airport life cycle (including strategic planning, design, construction supervision and operations)

Our expertise

A unique and differentiating methodology

ADP Ingénierie has adopted an approach based on a proven methodology with the objective of creating value for our partners and ensuring the success of the project entrusted to us. This methodology is divided into 4 phases:





Let’s imagine the airport of tomorrow together

Satisfying the needs of today and designing the airport of tomorrow require the pursuit of ever more innovative solutions that anticipate future needs. This is why ADP Ingénierie and the ADP Group are committed to innovation on a daily basis. More than a competitive advantage, our primary aim is to provide you with the finest, best suited solutions that are way ahead of their time, to guarantee the quality of our service throughout the airport value chain. 

We put in place a dedicated team and a strategy to identify, prepare for and adopt the latest innovations related to our core business. 

The anti-drone solution

The anti-drone solution

More than 2,000 incidents in 2016: How do we deal with this threat that affects both safety and security?
Find out more about a unique drone defense solution co-developed by the ADP Group in partnership with the French Civil Aviation Authority and the Thales Group.

MOTO or how to humanize the remote control tower

MOTO or how to humanize the remote control tower

The objective of this project is to observe the role and functions of the multi-sensory experience, other than feelings, in the decision-making process for air traffic management from a remote tower in particular, thanks to augmented reality (sound and vibration).

Virtual reality supporting the success of our projects

Virtual reality supporting the success of our projects

Create and share ideas, vision and sensations through total immersion. Develop a collaborative workstream with a real-time visualization of the design or its various alternatives. Provide an interactive environment for airport business processes.

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