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Our values underpin our behavior 

Our actions are informed every day by our values. Following its reorganization at the end of 2017 and the implementation of a new development strategy earlier in 2018, at the start of the summer, ADP Ingénierie launched a collaborative project to redefine its values. The results are expected by the end of 2018. 

However, independently of its B2B values, ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) has long embraced the global values of its parent company, the Groupe ADP: trust, commitment, boldness and openness. They testify to the fact that every day, our employees are fully dedicated to supporting our clients, our strategic ambition and the economic development of our clients' countries.




"The art of conducting consists in knowing when to stop conducting to let the orchestra play"
(Herbert Von Karajan) 

Trust allows us to address the "real issues" in a spirit of open and constructive dialogue. It thus enables progress. Building trust allows people to step out of their comfort zone and encourages initiative-taking and cooperation for the benefit of all.  



"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in your room"
(Dalai Lama) 

Being committed involves giving meaning to one's action by taking ownership of and sharing the company's challenges. It also means demonstrating conviction and authenticity to inspire everyone to take part in the company’s collective success.

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"Inventing is thinking out of the box" 
(Albert Einstein)

Boldness is a way of shaking up habits and taking risks in order to develop, excel and innovate. It is a prerequisite for moving forward when an unavoidable level of uncertainty still exists. 



"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges"
(Isaac Newton) 

To be open is to confront our ideas with those of others. It means making ourselves receptive to and curious about other contexts, other ways of seeing and doing things. It also means considering various points of view, feeding on them and being inspired by them. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a voluntary effort by companies to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into their activities and interactions with their stakeholders.
ADP Ingénierie has been committed to this approach for many years. CSR is shaped at the highest level of the company and is an integral part of all company processes. 
ADP Ingénierie is one of the subsidiaries that make up Groupe ADP, whose parent company is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. In this context, ADP Ingénierie strives to respect human rights and is a signatory to Groupe ADP’s corporate social responsibility charter.

ADP Ingénierie’s CSR policy is based on the following principles: 


  • Ensuring Exemplary Governance

ADP Ingénierie is a limited company with a board of directors. The general management of the company is the responsibility of a Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Board of Directors. Since January 2, 2017, this position has been held by Gratien Maire.
Three committees work to ensure the quality of decisions: the Executive Committee, the Business Committee and the Risk Committee. Each of these ensures that commercial and operational strategies are consistent with the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors.

  • Putting People at the Heart of Our Strategy

The men and women who make up ADP Ingénierie are its greatest asset. ADP Ingénierie is committed to promoting the professional careers of its employees and enhancing their skills and development. It also pledges to integrate people with disabilities.
ADP Ingénierie engages in constructive social dialogue to promote well-being at work and adopt measures to prevent risks related to working conditions.
ADP Ingénierie rejects all forms of discrimination and promotes diversity within multicultural teams. Its teams are comprised of people from more than 40 countries. 

  • Ensuring Client Satisfaction

ADP Ingénierie places performance and client satisfaction high on its strategic agenda and strives for operational excellence. 
All projects undertaken are the result of ongoing dialogue. The same is true of ADP Ingénierie's diversified and innovative service offering. This addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

  • Managing and Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

ADP Ingénierie is committed to a proactive approach to environmental management and the fight against global warming. This ambition is integrated into all its processes and projects.

  • Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Procurement

ADP Ingénierie is committed to working with its suppliers using responsible practices and to building, within a framework of mutual trust, a lasting and balanced relationship.

  • Promoting Our Societal Commitment

ADP Ingénierie is committed to local territorial development. Being an active societal player is one of ADP Ingénierie's ambitions.
Consequently, in 2018, schoolchildren were able to learn about careers in airport engineering and architecture.
In addition, ADP Ingénierie works closely with the Groupe ADP Foundation on local initiatives.


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