Strategic airport planning consulting


We help Airport Stakeholders achieve a realistic and competitive strategic plan of their future Airport development.

Client's need

  • We intervene on different types of needs: strategic, technical and financial. 
  • We help you to become or remain competitive in the future, match market development and competition with the desired strategic direction, achieve quality / Reliability of the plan and risk assessment, and get approval for the plans by the investors. 
  • We are there when you are in need for improvement of capacity ensuring customer satisfaction and customer experience, for safety on the operations and regulatory compliance, for improved operational performance and improved environmental performance. 
  • We help you obtain high internal return on investment, a decrease in CAPEX / OPEX, higher revenues (including the share of non-aeronautical revenues) and the acceptance on your budget. We bring you assistance to plan the future Business Plan.


Collect data about the existing situation & asses the airport capacity

Define the strategy & realize the traffic forecasts

Estimate the facilities requirements

Propose alternatives of airport development

Which step within airport lifecycle?


  • Upstream: Strategic Planning

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