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Waste management plan for Middle Euphrates International Airport

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Added value

The services carried out as part of this project are as follows:

  • Analysis of the waste deposit related to the airport's activities.
  • Evaluation of several collection / treatment strategies.
  • Definition of waste storage areas in buildings.
  • Definition of waste transfer areas between dedicated areas and public ones.
  • Definition of the central collection areas of the airport.
  • Technical definition of collection, storage or treatment equipment.


Definition of a waste management plan for the airport as part of the development of the new Kerbala Airport, Middle Euphrates International Airport, which will be developed in 3 successive phases of 3, 6 and 12 M passengers.

Our solution

The objective of the mission is to include in the design studies for the buildings (architectural and technical), and various road and network infrastructures, all the elements that will enable the sustainable management of the waste flows generated by the airport, from the source to the final treatment point.

The research and development of the studies was carried out in coordination with the authorities in compliance with local practices and regulations.

Waste management plan for Middle Euphrates International Airport
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