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Terminal 2 of Incheon international Airport

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Added value

ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) has joined forces with Haeahn, the agent, and KPF, in charge of the design of the envelope. ADP Ingénierie produced the functional concept for the terminal, which included the level plans, sections and the master plan. ADP Ingénierie was also in charge of the design of the BHS, people mover and communication systems, and defined the main principles of the control tower.


The expected traffic growth at Incheon Airport requires the construction of a new terminal between the two runway doubles. In 2009, the airport held an idea competition to confirm the feasibility of a single terminal with a capacity of 46 Mpax at the planned site. The ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) / SAMOO consortium was the winner of this competition.

Our solution

By placing road access and parking lots at the heart of the project, our proposal optimizes air traffic and allows easy phasing of the construction. The extension of the piers on either side of the car park is accompanied by the construction of two people mover links. Passenger handling is centralised in order to simplify passenger orientation, pool resources and concentrate commercial and service areas. Finally, the design of the roof gives the terminal a resolutely dynamic image and creates varied and luminous interior spaces.

Ce projet est un succès

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