Paris Charles De Gaulle airport

TDS3 and TBS4 BHS design and supervision of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Added value

The BHS design ensured the continuity of operations (for passengers and baggage) during each construction phase, particularly for the connections between TBS3 and Terminal 2E and between TDS3 and TBS4.

The design fulfilled the very high level of performance required by SKYTEAM (baggage travelling time and availability of the BHS) which will be achieved at the system ramp-up and maintained during the entire life of the system. To ensure the compliance of design with end-user requirements, regular meetings were held during the entire design phase with Air France.


ADP awarded ADPI the design and supervision of installation of the TDS3 and TBS4, the new Baggage Handling Systems for departing bags (originating and transfer) located under respectively Concourses S3 and S4 linked to Terminal 2E at Roissy CDG. These BHSs are considered as critical for the development of hub operations of the SKYTEAM Alliance as they will finalize the integration of all the systems of the hub, including Terminal 2E check-in and transfer with Terminal 2F

Our solution

The complete BHS now handles departure and transfer baggage (75%) for SKYTEAM for international and Schengen flights.

First, ADP Ingénierie developed for TDS3 the tender documentation, including maintenance, in order to allow a competitive tender based on a performance specification. Then, ADP Ingénierie managed the bid analysis in a “concurrent engineering” procedure, in order to select the best possible solution based on suppliers’ proprietary technology.

In parallel, ADP Ingénierie developed the concept and schematic design, including simulation, for the TBS4 to be connected with the TDS3 as a separate package.

ADP Ingénierie was also in charge of the supervision of all the building works in interface with the BHS.

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