International Airport of Luxembourg

Study on the expansion of the baggage handling system and upgrade to the EDS machines at the LuxAirport International Airport of Luxembourg

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Added value

In addition to its in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg airport hub and the existing baggage handling system (BHS), ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) offered to augment its services with a dynamic simulation of and a Virtual Reality experience inside the proposed BHS.


The remit awarded to ADP Ingénierie addresses a two-fold challenge that our client, LuxAirport, is facing:

  • increasing the capacity of the baggage handling system (BHS) to support the increase in traffic
  • upgrading the security equipment built in to the BHS to comply with the new European regulations (Standard 3).

Our solution



Key figures

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Baggage handling system capacity: 900 bags/hour

Ce projet est un succès

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