Spa-la-Sauvenière Airfield

Study to examine the different flight plan scenarios to avoid flying over the catchment areas near the Spa-la-Sauvenière airfield

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ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) offered its expertise in flight operations management, obstacle assessment and multicriteria analysis.


The current VFR (Visual Flight Rules) takeoff and landing system at Spa-la-Sauvenière flies over water catchment areas. The purpose of the customer's request – an analysis of the situation – is to be delivered with various scenarios (new flight path, moving/extending the runway, etc.), avoiding flying over these catchment areas, together with an assessment of the best of these scenarios. 

  • Aircraft must avoid flying over the water catchment areas during takeoff and landing and maintain an acceptable level of safety for air operations, which must comply with current standards.

  • The client expects a proposal with various scenarios that includes solutions within and outside the airport boundaries. Their feasibility and cost in relation to the required infrastructure development must also be analyzed.

  • The client requires an assessment of the best scenario using multicriteria analysis that includes the following aspects: - cost - environment - safety.

Our solution

Our study highlighted that no solution was acceptable to the various stakeholders in terms of safety, the environment and cost, mainly due to the surrounding relief and natural obstacles. The “no overflight of the area” constraint was lifted and we are proposing optimizing the existing flight path. Our study highlighted that no solutions could be deemed acceptable by different stakeholders in terms of safety, environment and cost aspects mainly due to surrounding restrictive relief and obstacle environment. The constraint "no overfly of the area" was lifted and we propose to optimize the existing flight path.

key figures

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1 to 2.5 million m3 of embankment required
prevision image
5 to 22 million m3 of excavation amount required
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