Al Maktoum international airport

SLAG & BHS for Al Maktoum international airport

Start of construction:


To face the tremendous growth of its based airline, EMIRATES, Dubai Airport has envisioned the development of a new airfield that will be from afar the biggest in the world, with 5 runways, 2 Passengers Terminal Buildings and 4 concourses of 1,000,000 m² with 100 contact stands each.

Our solution

ADP Ingénierie has been globally involved in the program studies and feasibility studies for the architecture and systems. Then we developed the concept design, including BIM model, of the AGLS (Automated Global Handling System) including the BHS (Baggage Handling System), as well as Security Master Plan and ICT Master Plan and Aircraft Stand equipment design.

The purpose of the AGLS is to handle automatically any item (baggage, but also cargo, in-flight catering, duty free, lounge catering, in-line maintenance spare parts, waste) from and to the central terminal area. To avoid building a specific expensive infrastructure, the handling will be carried out by specific autonomous vehicles sharing conventional roads with manned vehicles. The implementation will start as soon as the technology will be available.

The BHS will be the key component of the AGLS. The handling of bags ULD will be carried out in specific subterranean road network, dedicated to BHS ULD autonomous vehicles that will collect and deliver ULDs directly to aircraft stands, whether for originating, transfer or arriving bags. The ULD will be automatically processed for bags unloading, ULD storage and dispatch to built-up area. Both In-Gauge and Out of Gauge bags will travel individually between Passenger Terminal Building and Concourses using a high speed Individual Carrier System (ICS). The bags will then be automatically handled and batch built in the most efficient and ergonomic manner.

The BHS incorporate in-line security screening and Customs inspection processes.

Through permanent relationship with all Stakeholders, ADP Ingénierie defined the Concept of Operations of the system, selected the technical solutions, designed the basic layout, assessed through static simulation the level of performances and proposed a concurrent engineering approach for procurement of the system.

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