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Runway refurbishment of Matsu Islands Airport. Safety studies

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Added value

ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) brings its ability to deliver a proven and holistic vision of a specific problem in air transportation, which is likely to make the various stakeholders accept a collective process: airport, airlines, air controllers.


Air services to the Matsu Islands in the west of the country are currently penalized during periods of low visibility, which can lead to the closure of the two existing hubs for several days. 

  • The client needed to determine the best solution in terms of cost vs. benefit for the refurbishment of runways and air navigation equipment to reduce the impact of bad weather conditions.

  • The client’s objective was to ensure that the new approach procedures and emergency procedures arising from the proposed refurbishment would be compatible with the levels of safety required for air transportation.

  • In accordance with air safety rules, the client wanted to minimize the earthworks required on the natural obstacles surrounding the hubs to implement the new procedures. 

  • The client requested that a master plan for the chosen solution be developed. The client required to realize the masterplan of the solution decided. 

Our solution

After a comparative study of the various possible solutions, including a study of the associated procedures and determining the new heights for associated decisions during periods of low visibility, an optimization was proposed. In a second step, a safety study was conducted to reduce to a strict minimum the earthworks and obstacle reductions that penetrate the easements.

Key figures

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Tens of millions of USD saved in earthworks and reduction of environmental impact.
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Flight cancelation reduced by 8% for Beigan and 13% for Nangan

Laurent Morel video interview

"Our in-depth knowledge of the aviation world and its constraints has undeniably been an advantage in establishing our credibility with the various parties and mobilizing them in the search for compensatory measures to deviate from the usual standards. The constructive work of the pilot representatives in particular was an undeniable part of the success of this operation.”  

Photographic Evidence

Aéroport iles matsu
Ce projet est un succès

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