Chengdu Tianfu International Airport

Review of design produced by local engineering firm for the Tianfu International Airport of Chengdu.

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Added value

ADP Ingénierie's proposal for the new terminal at Chengdu Airport, prepared in partnership with CSWADI (China Southwest Architectural Design & Research Institute Corp. Ltd.), was selected as the winner of an international competition in June 2015 in recognition of its innovative functional design and iconic form. As a next step in the project, CSWADI is responsible for developing the design, and ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) has been mandated to provide technical assistance to the designer.


Sichuan Province, whose capital is Chengdu (around 10 million inhabitants), is an important connection node within China and with Central, South and Southeast Asia. The existing Shangliu International Airport of Chengdu was ranked 32nd among the busiest airports in the world in 2015 (by passenger traffic, source ACI), with more than 42 MPax per year and a yearly average increase in passenger traffic of 10% over the five preceding years.

  • As the new gateway to Chengdu and a major national and international transport hub, the Chengdu (Tianfu) New Airport is an exceptional project with high visibility in China and throughout the world.

Our solution

The main objectives of ADPI’s mandate are:

  •   To preserve the integrity and quality of the terminal design as it evolves in the upcoming design phases;
  •   To ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the initial intention.
  •   Support for strategic aspects of the project.


Key figures

prevision image

3 new runways

prevision image

2 new terminals

prevision image

165,000 Sqm 

prevision image

Double the built surface to reach a capacity of 80 to 90 MPPA

Ce projet est un succès

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