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The perfect understanding of the regulatory and operational constraints associated with airport operations, air operations and air navigation have enabled ADP Ingénierie to provide effective support to Aéroports de Paris by offering optimized management solutions in a very short period.
The Air Navigation Department of ADP Ingénierie is now perfectly in charge of EISA's studies. Especially on this project, the adaptations proposed by ADP Ingénierie made it possible to find the ideal compromise on the repositioning of the service road allowing at the same time a safe circulation of vehicles while limiting the cost of the works on infrastructures.


As part of the reorganization of the passenger terminals on the Paris-Charles de Gaulle platform following the opening of the S4 terminal, the terminal 2F2 and its aircraft stations were to be reconfigured to consolidate the average activity of Air France and the Skyteam alliance so far operated from the 2D terminal.

Our solution

ADP Ingénierie has produced an analysis of the project established by Aéroports de Paris concerning the reconfiguration of substations and the deviation of the service route by identifying induced security issues and suggesting optimization solutions. ADP Ingénierie then drafted the EISA type project and type work in partnership with all services concerned by the amendment.

Ce projet est un succès

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