Glo-Djigbé International Airport

Overall construction management support and design-and-build project management related to the construction of the new Glo-Djigbé airport in Benin.

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Added value

ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) provides its clients with unique operational expertise, acquired through supporting the development of ADP Group airports.

With this in-depth knowledge of the field and the problems associated with managing large flows, ADP Ingénierie designs and supervises the construction of complex airport infrastructures



Cotonou is facing an increase in traffic that requires increasing the capacity of the existing airport infrastructure. But Cadjehoun International Airport is now surrounded by the city and cannot therefore be expanded, particularly when it comes to the length of the runway, except possibly out to sea. The only solution is therefore the construction of a new airport. The Benin Government has chosen the township of Glo-Djigbé to build an international airport with a target capacity of 2 MPPA.

  • The existing airport’s passenger terminal is saturated: current traffic already exceeds the saturation threshold (250,000 passengers/years or 51 passengers/m²/year).
  • The cargo terminal with an area of 2,150 sqm has become unsuitable and outmoded for the traffic handled there.
  • The client’s aim is to make Cotonou the West African hub thanks to its two hub airports, the existing and the future.

Our solution

Design-and-build project management to guarantee the proper execution of the design-and-build contract and Q4 verify the compliance of studies and works with regulatory requirements.

Specific aspects:

  • Regulatory compliance in the areas of safety and security (with reference to ICAO rules/recommendations)
  • Compliance with functional requirements (passenger flows, aircraft, etc.)
  • Compliance with operational requirements (operator perspective)
  • Overall equipment cost concept (performance optimization and operating and maintenance costs)

Photographic Evidence

Projet Djigbé, Bénin

Key figures

prevision image

Capacity of 2 MPPA

prevision image

Passenger terminal of 35 000 sqm

prevision image

Runway of 3,700 meters long

Ce projet est un succès

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