Bahrain International Airport

New Terminal Baggage Handling System of Bahrain International Airport


BAC intended to face the traffic growth by refurbishing and extending the existing passenger terminal building. Based on the first results of its Master plan studies, ADP Ingénierie recommended to build a totally new 13,5 Mpax Passenger Terminal rather than to engage in a rehabilitation under operation of an existing saturated facility. The client approved our proposal: • A Passenger Terminal Building, with a total capacity of 13,5 Mpax (including 45% transfer) providing a quality service level B as per IATA standards • A fully automatic baggage handling system (112 check in counters including 38 premium class ones, early bags storage...), with integrated security controls. • 12 MARS type contact stands allowing to handle from 12 class E (possibly F) to 24 class C aircrafts, including one equipped with 3 airbridges to serve an A380. • Associated access roads and viaducts, multi-level car parks, internal roads and infrastructures. • A central utility unit (chilled water production, back up energy supply and distribution…) • Ancillary buildings such as a category 10 firefighting station, supergate and an operation control center.

Our solution

ADP Ingénierie was responsible for studies and the design up to the detail design of the passenger terminal building and ancillary facilities, including the technical assistance and conducting financial assessments during the tender phase of the various technical lots assigned to ADP Ingénierie and the supervision of all the related works.

The departure baggage handling system (BHS) has been designed to cope with a 4000 bag/hour peak with requested performance redundancy. Taking into account the important transfer flow, the early bags storage (EBS) has been simulated to estimate its requested capacity. At corresponding BHS exit points, more than 130 make-up positions are available on mainly 10 make-up carousels. The make-up traffic paths have been simulated to enable operations clearances. In the same space, 10 arrival unloading laterals, serving 8 arrival carousels are integrated in this make-up traffic study.

The Security & Customs screening process compliance to latest regulation standards has been performed in the baggage hall as in the passenger journey in the Passenger Terminal Building.

The passenger loading bridge design integrates fuel pit coordination, PCA & GPU pits. All equipment are interfaced to the Central Monitoring System.

Ce projet est un succès

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