Middle Euphrates International Airport

Middle Euphrates International Airport new air control tower and CNS/ATM/MET equipments

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ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) paid special attention to the architecture of the CNS/ATM/MET systems in order to provide controllers with a modern environment ensuring the highest level of ATM safety. With the cooperation of the civil aviation, the concept of consoles were standardized to ensure maximum flexibility and scalability of the aerodrome control. As part of ADP Ingénierie's innovative integrated solutions, its concept included the latest technologies available on the market, in favor of performance, interoperability and automation of tasks.


In order to allow an easier access for Shiite pilgrims to holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport mandated ADP Ingénierie to develop comprehensive design studies for a new international airport located at the south of Baghdad.

Our solution

The project included the design of the control tower including all the CNS/ATM components, the radio station, meteorological installations and navigational aids.   Studies were conducted in four phases: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development and Final Design. The Air Navigation engineers began by studying the radio coverage, the definition of the operational program and the study of the control tower site before writing the specifications of functional and technical requirements for each CNS/ATM/MET system.

Ce projet est un succès

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