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As part of the 4th phase of Incheon International Airport's Master Plan, ADP Ingénierie has been requested to provide a review of their reports and a benchmarking study. A list of 10 items has been identified by Yooshin to cover the global perimeter of the airport (airfield, terminal, landside, support facilities, etc.) and enable to compare ICN main features with similar airports worldwide.

Our solution

Benchmark studies were provided on the following items:

  • Runway rehabilitation during operations
  • Apron development plan
  • Suppliers systems and new CNS / ATM trends
  • MRO development plan (Maintenance and repair)
  • Support facilities
  • General recommendations on 4th phase Master Plan and impact of low cost activity.

Reports reviews made on the following:

  • Recommendation for the evaluation of the airfield service level
  • Passenger Terminal Functional Concept
  • T2 Car park functional concept
  • Airport city plan
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