Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac (ATB)

Land & real estate development for Toulouse-Blagnac airport

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Added value

The study concerns the urban feasibility of the "pear" area, which aims to define the directions of an urban master plan in which the different programs will be positioned.

From an analysis point of view, the area taken into account is wider and includes the city airport which borders the airport and its accesses.

In addition, the study will examine the possibilities that the acquisition of additional plots could eventually offer.


Following the General Composition Plan for Toulouse Blagnac Airport studied in 2009/2010 by ADPI, ATB requested a proposal for the development of the esplanade for its real estate and land revaluation and an anticipation of the interface with the new public transport network.

Our solution

The project consists of giving more direct access to the airport, transforming the terminal boulevard into an urban boulevard, providing security and clarity for internal mobility, creating a central multimodal hub, creating a space able to host events and called "The Airport Square". It also involves upgrading the facade of the terminal, developing offices and local services.

Land & real estate development for Toulouse-Blagnac airport
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