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Infrastructure and technical buildings for Benazir Bhutto International Airport

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ADP Ingénierie was awarded a general project management contract.


In November 2005, in order to offset the increase in air traffic and to offer a better level of services to users, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) launched a competition for the construction of the New Islamabad International Airport.
ADP Ingénierie, winner of the international competition for the infrastructures of the New Islamabad International Airport, was in charge of the design and supervision of the works of all the infrastructures and buildings of the airport except the passenger terminal.

Our solution

The solution proposed by ADP Ingénierie includes, on the land side, parking lots and road networks, administrative buildings, commercial areas, the mosque and specific equipment. On the airside, there will be a 3800 x 60 m runway (capable of accommodating the A380), a taxiway that can be used as an emergency runway (3800 x 45 m) with access ramps and associated parking areas, a cargo complex, a maintenance hangar, a control tower as well as all the specific equipment necessary for the operation of the Airport such as gateways or navigational aids.
17 contact positions and 15 remote positions initially meet the needs in terms of air traffic. This project took nearly 4 years to complete, with 8 months of design and 36 months of construction. The airport must be designed to evolve and eventually reach a capacity of 15 million passengers.

Infrastructure and technical buildings for Benazir Bhutto International Airport
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