Paris-Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle Airport

Extension and renovation of Terminal 2B/2D of Paris-Aéroport Charles de Gaulle

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Added value

Despite the constraints of the existing structure, the design was managed to fulfill French regulation for energy consumption. To do so, we designed an efficient new façade complex and new energy saving systems (lighting, HVAC). 


The extension and the renovation of Terminal 2B/2D aimed to unify the two existing terminals 2B and 2D by constructing a new junction building in between. This next junction building centralizes security control area, departure retail area and baggage claim at 3 different levels. Terminal 2D was fully deconstructed, except from the concrete structure which was extended on the airside and fully refurbished, including replacement of the entire facade and of all the technical systems (MEP, ICT, BHS). Terminal 2B is refurbished under operation during the entire phase of its construction.

Our solution

  • As designer and supervisor for structure, roof, façade, MEP, BHS and finishhing works, ADP Ingénierie was responsible for design, tender assistance and supervision of most of these packages.
  • As BIM leader of Groupe ADP, ADP Ingénierie was also in charge of the BIM management for, among others, architecture ans synthesis/clash detection all along the project, from the design stage to the hand-over one.
  • From specific risk assessment and management to the most cost efficient design of the existing buildings, ADP Ingénierie knew how to use its expert knowledge and experience in airpotr extension and renovation to serve this clarge-scale contract. 
Ce projet est un succès

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