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Emiri Pavilion for New International Airport of Doha

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ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) is responsible for the design concept, the supervision of construction work and the provision of consultancy services for many different aspects of the project.


The Qatari government is addressing the increase in air traffic volumes, which threatens to saturate the existing airport, by building a new airport immediately adjacent to the existing airport. ADPI has been appointed by Bechtel to undertake the detailed design work for the Emiri Pavilion.

Our solution

The Emiri Pavilion operates in the same way as a passenger terminal. However, it is dedicated primarily to heads of state and high officials entering and leaving the country. It is also to be used by the Emir and his family. To the east of the building is a gated private access road, and to the west an access road with security checkpoint for ministers and VVIPs.

This is both a flagship building and a symbol of power. The architectural design recalls an armada of sails. This is a totally introverted architectural style whose inspiration is taken from a reinterpretation of inward-looking Arabic Islam architecture to obtain an unequivocal message of modernity. The design aims to create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in a prestigious environment that is traditional in essence, but finished with very luxurious details of extremely high quality. The building appears as an imposing pyramid with a succession of curved sails and glass walls. The impressive feeling created by the Main Majlis derives both from its size and the geometry of its ceiling. A further Majlis with a similar ambience is provided for ministers. The building includes all the support services required for press and security operations.

The support and technical services buildings are also an integral part of this project, as are its landscaping and the artificial lagoon alongside the private access road.

Emiri Pavilion for New International Airport of Doha
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