Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

Design for a new greenfield airport at Nellore in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

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Added value

ADP Ingénierie’s (ADPI) expertise in designing greenfield airports contributed favorably to winning this first project in India. It opens the door to many other projects in this country’s rapidly developing airport sector.


The client needs an airport with a high potential for cargo activity and other commercial activities of an airport hub.

1) This is a project over an area of 1350 acres, of which almost a half is for commercial use.

2) The client requires a runway 1350 m long x 45 m wide for aircraft such as the Boeing 737-900.

Our solution

Design the airport by taking in account both local specific elements and the client's needs

Key figures

prevision image

1350 acres, half for commercial use

Ce projet est un succès

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