Port-Gentil International Airport

Design and Supervision for the Rehabilitation and Extension Program (phase 1)

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Phase 1 aims to allow the accommodation of B737-800 long-haul type of planes and includes:

  • Lengthening the runway from 1,900 to 2,600 m + repair of the aeronautical areas;
  • Construction of a new 5,600 sqm terminal (Requiring the demolition of the existing terminal and Presidential Pavilion, as well as the construction of a temporary 1,000 sqm terminal during the construction works to ensure the continuity of service);
  • Construction of a new Presidential Pavilion (700 sqm) with dedicated aeronautical areas and the associated road network;
  • Construction of roads and associated utilities on the city side (including a car park);
  • Construction of a boundary fence and a path for patrols around the airport in order to meet OACI requirements concerning the security of airport facilities.


The dual objective of the rehabilitation and extension program for Port-Gentil Airport is to meet the demand for international flights and to develop regional economic activity. The Gabonese government and all of the region's economic players wish to have a runway and a modern, international terminal capable of accommodating long-haul flights.

Our solution

Definition of the site masterplan, phasing study, program and architectural design sketch for the new buildings. Technical studies of the terminals (temporary and final), the new Presidential Pavilion and associated aeronautical areas, and the roads and utilities on the city side (including the car park).

Assistance to the Client for the technical specifications for the runway works, the boundary fence (including a vehicle access point with security screening) and the associated path for patrols. The client launched eight different tenders the Consultant’s support as part of its Assistance to Tendering mission.

ADP Ingénierie has continued with works supervision services for all the sites (up to 5 concurrent works contracts).

Ce projet est un succès

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