Beijing Daxing International Airport

Architectural schematic design for passenger terminal of new Daxing International Airport of Beijing

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Added value

We brought to this project our solid experience in the design of mega airports and our ability to combine the traditions of the country, a creative and free architecture, efficiency and innovations in the functional aspects. With this trademark, we have designed an incredible passenger terminal, rich in several innovations.

The presence of Groupe ADP in Asia through renowned international airport competitions in which it has participated and which it has won for some (Haikou, Chongqing, Chengdu ...), as well as the architectural design of the Peking Opera, has constituted an undeniable added value.


Located at the junction of Daxing District and Langfang City, Daxing Airport is the second largest international airport serving Beijing, capital of the People's Republic of China. This airport comes in support of the Beijing Capital Airport activity, currently in service and comes to absorb the increase in traffic in the region.

Beijing-Daxing Airport was inaugurated on September 25th by Xi Jiping, President of the People's Republic of China, during a strictly national ceremony.

On September 30th, Chinese authorities announced the closure of Beijing-Nanyuan Airport, the oldest airport in China.

Our solution

The concept proposed by ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) is based on a bold choice: the superposition of international and domestic levels vertically, privileged to horizontal expansion. This innovation makes it possible to offer a compact terminal, equipped with a single control center for boarding jetties, positioned in a star shape.

This airport was designed to be a mega airport. It is a single-roof passenger terminal capable of accommodating 45 Mpax in its first phase and reaching 72 Mpax with an additional remote jetty. But the building (the main terminal) is sized to include all the equipment needed to accommodate 72Mpax (check-in, security check, luggage collection, ...). By way of comparison, all Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminals (T1, T2a, b, c, d, e, f, g and T3) welcomed about 70 Mpax in 2017. In Daxing, what makes the difference is the unique terminal of 700.000 m²!

This centralized single-roof terminal concept offers several advantages: more profitability and cost-effective operations, as well as improved passenger comfort with the many services offered, including commercial spaces and a multimodal land transport system.

Thanks to such compactness, the distance between the heart of the terminal and the farthest gate is at most 600 meters, much lower than in Asian and European terminals of equivalent capacity. Passengers easily circulate in the interior landscape of the terminal, naturally attracted by the large central area of ​​light, where shops and services are concentrated, before heading easily to their gate.

For this project, our main challenge was to take into account all users and all stakeholders - shareholders, operators and airlines - each thinking of the project from its own point of view. But we have united them around one priority: putting the passenger at the heart of airport operations with regard to the size of the project. The human approach is at the heart of our airport design that places the passenger at the center of attention to enhance the experience of the terminal. Once inside, travelers can easily find their way to the new terminal. The open central space allows the passenger to easily understand all functions and different parts of the terminal, reducing the stress factor related to the unknown or uncertainty. This feeling of well-being is enhanced by the fluidity of the architecture, which improves the impression of movement inside the terminal.

Modern and respectful of its cultural environment at the same time, the terminal draws its inspiration from the Chinese traditions and symbols, by bringing them a resolutely contemporary touch. The design of this new airport offers a unique opportunity to integrate sustainable development into the heart of design.

We optimized the project with the cooperation of Zaha Hadid Architects, as requested by our client: the new headquarters of Beijing Airport (BNAH).

3D masterplan of the new Daxing passenger terminal of Beijing designed by ADP Ingénierie in cooperation with Zaha Hadid Architects

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