Department of Civil Aviation

Al Maktoum International Airport. Concept designs for the Baggage Handling System (BHS)

Added value

ADP Ingénierie has therefore provided scheduling/planning, design, supervision and technical support services for this project.


The passenger terminal and baggage handling system at Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali had been designed to serve Low-Cost and Charter airlines. These two projects form part of the first phase of the giant Jebel Ali Terminal (the Dubai World Central), and have been modified several times during construction in order to incorporate a number of additional features, including a VIP area with its own baggage check-in facilities.

Given its desert location, as much as possible of the handling system has been housed in air-conditioned surroundings to protect against blowing sand.

Our solution

Originally a “Fast Track” and “Low-Cost” system, the baggage handling system has, however, been designed as a modular solution in order to respond to the planned expansion of terminal capacity from 5 million passengers per year to 7.5 million. This modular system provides the option to add a further 20 check-in positions, an automated baggage handling system, an automated storage system for pre-checked hold baggage and a City Check-in facility (handling baggage pre-checked in hotels), whilst limiting the impact on terminal operation. The check-in area is also divided into 3 identical island units in order to guarantee continuity of service in the event of breakdown and maintenance operations.

The conveyor system includes automated PEDS checking of hold baggage and an X-Ray system for suspect items. Suspect baggage is automatically routed to Level 5 using an MECV (Mobile Explosive Containment Vessel). Arrivals baggage is also X-rayed automatically and customs, with suspect items being identified by RF (Radio Frequency) tags before delivery to carrousels.

ADP Ingénierie prepared specifications, analysed tender invitations, reviewed supplier proposals, reviewed equipment specifications, worked in coordination with other building construction contractors, acted as an interface with the client and prepared the terminal for commissioning.

ADP Ingénierie is also responsible for all security control systems at Jebel Ali Airport.

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