Supervision Committee for the Expansion of ADIA

Abu Dhabi International Airport; New ATC

Added value

After the complete studies, ADP Ingénierie has been in charge of the supervision of works.


In the framework of the expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the international competition has awarded ADP Ingénierie in June 2006, to design and realize a new control tower and its technical facilities.

Our solution

The architectural concept is unique: the design consists of integrating in an only architectural element the technical facilities including 5 levels of premises and rooms of equipment, the central core and the main watchtower.

The 115m tall tower is La tour de 115 m de hauteur est consists of two lateral "veils", curved and slightly twisted, close in the central inhabited part, to open in the upper part and support the tapered volumes of the technical rooms and the main watchtower.

The play on curves conveys the moons, the veils of traditional "dhows" or the blade of the scimitar. It offers diverse and varied architectural perceptions depending on the point of view. The transparency of the Eastern and Western façades are covered respectively with ETFE cushions and shutter system brise-soleil. It allows passage of light through the structure during the day and an amazing bringing in light during the night.

Ce projet est un succès

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