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We are a 360-degree airport expert, customer-focused, agile and innovative company that is recognized worldwide

Developing an effective relationship with an airport and offering innovative and finely tuned solutions requires an in-depth knowledge of everything that characterizes the customer in question. This also requires airport-wide coverage and engineering and consultancy services for all types of airport facilities whatever their size.
This involves being able to provide a global vision of the airport, its strengths, weaknesses and potential...

Our vision of the airport of tomorrow

Human-friendly airport

An efficient airport is a human-friendly airport

Our human-friendly approach to terminal design goes hand in hand with a technical efficiency approach. This results in an architecture that considers the human dimension – how people feel in a space and connect with it – so that the passenger feels in tune with the terminal environment.

Airport city

The airport city – the open door to the world

On every continent, as gateways to the countries and regions they serve, airports are the driving power behind economic development and a major source of metropolitan urbanization.

Our aim is to achieve a harmonious balance between the airport and its environment, to connect the city and the airport and to increase the added value of non-airport activities.

Green airport

The Green Airport – sustainable airports guaranteeing your future

ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) takes a holistic approach to project design, rethinking airports and their ecosystems and integrating sustainability at every stage of the airport's life cycle. We believe that an airport can interact positively with its environment and involve the wider community.


E-city – connected airports

Nowadays, terminals are full of sensors and aspire to be "smart airports”, interacting with connected passengers in real time to keep them better informed and geolocating them in the airport to offer them services and create personalized relationships.

To learn more about our vision of the airport of tomorrow, download our reference material.

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