Welcome back everyone !!!

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That's it! The holidays are over and everyone is heading back to the office.

It's the same for the teams of ADP Ingénierie and it’s a busy period for all of us!
Especially with the opening of new offices in Spain, Greece, Thailand and India. The company is expanding its network around the world to always be closer to its customers and their needs.

Many projects fill our teams’ calendar. In addition to projects already underway, ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) is accompanying Meihnardt in the Philippines for the new Manila airport. The company is also present in the US to execute strategic planning contracts in support of the Port Authority New York / New Jersey for New York airports (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark ...) but also in Denver.

You have future plans for your infrastructure in the short or long term? Make an appointment with our teams to discuss. We will be present on several shows by the end of 2019. Grab your organizers!:

  • September 16-18th at the ACI-NA Annual Conference Exhibition in Tampa, FL. Joel COUILLANDEAU, Operations Manager at Merchant Aviation Company, will talk about the new strategy to find out who is tomorrow's passenger and what impact it will have on the future of your infrastructure (New strategy to find out who your passenger of tomorrow is and the impact on the future of your infrastructure).
  • September 11-12th for the 2019 Airport Drone Protection Summit in London. Franck MARTIN, Security Expert, will speak on Wednesday, September 11th  from 11:20AM to 11:50AM to present "PARIS CHARLES DE GAULLE: Feedback and improvements following the first deployments".
  • From October 8th to 10th for the Interairport in Munich. Alberto Bordallo Ruiz will speak from 9.30 to 10.25 on the theme "Lesser complexity in the development of your airports"
  • November 25-27th at the ACI Airport Exchange in Abu Dhabi. Gratien MAIRE, CEO of ADP Ingénierie, will review the concept that characterizes the new Beijing-Daxing International Airport to be inaugurated at the end of September.

Busy! Busy! Busy! but the airport world does not wait in front of the many challenges that are coming up for everyone right now.

Welcome back!

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