UK air traffic penalized by Brexit

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In an article of October 25, 2018, the daily newspaper Les Echos comments on the forecasts of the air traffic increase provided by the IATA (the international air transport association).
It has long been established that air traffic is growing rapidly. It has doubled in the last twenty years. It could be doubled again by 2037 to reach 8.2 billion travelers.

The elements advanced by IATA, for the most part hereinafter, reinforce ADP Ingénierie's service offering, which can offer airports tailor-made solutions to cope with their increase in traffic, whatever the configuration and potential of their infrastructures.

The interesting angle brings a nuance related to the geography of this increase and how geopolitics will impact the increase in traffic. Thus European countries will regress in the ranking of world markets, which will upset the global hierarchy of air transport. The Asian countries will come to thrust the first places. By 2025, China will take the lead in the rankings with 1.6 billion passengers, followed by the United States, the current leader, and India and Indonesia. The European countries, meanwhile, will suffer from the Brexit. If it does not lead to any agreement, the experts provide, in the most pessimistic scenarios, a straight cancellation of traffic between the British Isles and Europe. Even with an agreement, it is clear that the deceleration has already begun for the British airports which saw their traffic increase levelled to 2.1% while the average increase of the European airports is of 5.4% since the beginning of the year.

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