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Fangchao wins Jury congratulations and becomes Major of his class at the end of his internship at ADP Ingénierie

Last Tuesday, Fangchao, BIM Manager at the ADP Ingénierie Factory Center, presented his professional thesis at the Arts et Métiers Paristech campus before a jury composed of his professors and four employees of ADP Ingénierie, and this with great success. For his performance and his work, he won the congratulations of the jury and became Major of his promotion. Having arrived at ADP Ingénierie in 2013, Fangchao is currently working on the BIM question as a BIM Manager. He is particularly interested in requirements engineering: how to keep track of project evolutions, customer requirements and the technical requirements that depend on them.

There are many international standards for the requirements engineering industry. This is not the case for professionals in our business, each developing its own benchmarks according to its priorities, without seeking to optimize work with other industry players. However, we must develop a common vision to develop an airport project in the best conditions. To do this, you need to have a common repository of requirements. Today, with technological advances and digital, there are technical solutions that can develop these synergies.

During his internship, Fangchao interviewed many employees of ADP Ingénierie. He realized that everyone had developed methods and tools that are very valuable. If we could manage to put together these elements, it would bring a real added value to ADP Ingénierie. That is why his thesis proposes a solution based on digital technologies to capitalize knowledge from which everyone could benefit: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

The interest of PLM is no longer a novelty for manufacturers who seek to optimize knowledge and have been already developing synergies in this area for a while now. Strangely, the silos are still far from being broken down as far as the airport is concerned. This knowledge, which is already 20 years old, has only recently passed the doors of the airport world.

BU Innovation Europe's service looks at what is happening in this area and is currently benchmarking existing solutions. Fangchao will remain with us to take care of it, thus contributing to a possible adoption of the PLM by the company.

Congratulations Fangchao!



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