Stratolaunch - first flight of the world's largest aircraft

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The first flight of the largest aircraft in the world took place on Sunday, April 13th.

This flying monster is half larger than an Airbus A380. With a wingspan of 117 m, with two fuselages and 6 Boeing 747 engines, the primary purpose of the aircraft is to carry and drop in the air small rockets. This system would propel rockets into space otherwise than vertically, for a significant cost savings.

This first test flight took place in the Mojave Desert. The flight was two and a half hours long. The aircraft reached a top speed of 304km / h and climbed to 17,000 feet, or 5182 meters.

This flight is a promising start that can mean future applications, not only for aerospace but also for aeronautics. It remains to know what the future will hold with the death of the project's main sponsor, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft in October 2018.

Stratolaunch - first flight of the world's largest aircraft

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