Producing the energy of tomorrow – a question for all

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On December 13th, Stanislas Lego, Energy and Environment project manager at ADP Ingénierie, took part in the Ecotech - New Energy Systems Meeting held at the French Ministry of Economy.

This meeting brought together different economic players from the Energy sector who came to present their visions and the latest innovations on this issue. This meeting focused on innovative energy solutions and presented the main trends and innovation support systems in France and in Europe.

The environment is the question of the moment. Populations and authorities are calling for swift action to prevent the impact of humans on their environment. It is the responsibility of economic actors to participate in these actions and to embrace their role.

This meeting focused in particular on presenting the new requirements of the future environmental regulation 2020 (RE2020) whose energy performance objectives have been reinforced compared to RT2012 and which introduces a carbon performance of the building through a life cycle analysis.

This day also made it possible to present the main trends in energy, such as in particular the imminent arrival in Europe of giga-factories for the production of batteries and photovoltaic panels on a large scale, the complexity and multiplication of the networks of smart energy and the development of virtuous eco-systems at the territorial level (example of the Hydéo project with the deployment of a hydrogen economy in the Occitanie Region).

Thus, the various economic players are implementing new practices and have - little by little - many tools and products allowing them to meet these requirements. It is no longer simply a question of buying carbon offsets - action that does not answer the basic problem - but rather to rethink its practices to exercise its profession in a responsible and sustainable way, to produce soberly while minimizing its environmental impact.

There is a strong willingness to engage on the issue of carbon neutrality and how to achieve it. Different industries now have many solutions and a real desire to get there as quickly as possible. R&D budgets are now deeply rooted in these environmental challenges. The crucial point now remains the investment and the will of private actors to contribute to the general effort and carry out the various actions planned to change its practices.

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