Paris - Charles de Gaulle - 2nd in the IATA passenger traffic world ranking

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Iata has just released the latest ranking of European airports in terms of passengers.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle is thus in second place just behind Heathrow. If the British platform still occupies the first place, it is mainly due to airlines using larger planes to mitigate the saturation of the airport.
Paris-Charles de Gaulle is challenged, in a handkerchief, by Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Istanbul while the latter could well upset the 2019 ranking with its new huge airport which has just been commissioned.

The Paris-Charles de Gaulle traffic is only a fraction of Groupe ADP airports traffic. Thus the three platforms in Paris have experienced a traffic increase of +3.2%. The TAV Airports platforms (which are part of Groupe ADP) recorded an increase in traffic by +4.3%. Amman (AIG consortium owned by Groupe ADP since 2018), and Santiago (Groupe ADP is a member of the Nuevo Pudahuael consortium), have gained a 10% traffic increase (+ 9.3% and + 9.7% respectively). In total, the airports managed by Groupe ADP reached 151 593 705 passengers in 2018, a boost of +31.4%.

These enthusiastic figures are constantly increasing, which promises a bright future for the group, especially with the prospect of the Olympics 2024 taking place in Paris and the new Terminal 4 for Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Paris - Charles de Gaulle - 2nd in the IATA passenger traffic world ranking

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