Opening of the 3rd Aviation Modernization Summit in India

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Mr Ashok Saxena, Chairman of the Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce, which is hosting the event, opened on this July 3th, the 3rd edition of the Aviation Modernization Summit organized in India. Before reminding all delegates the issues of the Indian Airport world, with the sponsors of the event, with ADP Ingénierie represented by Philippe Delaplace, our host lighted candles placed on a gold column, respecting an Indian tradition.

Under the auspices of the Minister of Civil Aviation, the event takes place as the important growth of air traffic implies an aggressive development of airport infrastructure. Among the 103 main Indian airports, whose most of them face congestion of terminals, runways and airspace, 71 are involved in construction projects for more than USD14 billion. 100 new airports are planned to be built in the upcoming years: 57 are already under development or consideration for a known value of USD16 billion. 

If you add the 2,300 new airplanes planned to be bought and the 235 new destinations about to be connected, no doubt that the Indian airport market is promising in terms of business opportunities for our company. The recent recruitment of our business development manager in India, Kay Ravikumar, is a first step to be true to its aim of proximity with the clients. Other initiatives will follow soon but, right now, this Aviation Modernization Summit offers a very good opportunity to go on developing interesting and promising contacts with airport authorities visiting from several parts of the country.

Planning when uncertainty is accelerating

One of the speakers of the 3rd Aviation Modernization summit in Bangalore, focused on the upstream activities, Philippe Delaplace presented a real issue for the Indian airport authorities: planning when uncertainty is accelerating. A situation deeply faced by most of Indian operators due to the important growth of air traffic and airport industry in their country. 

In addition to the increasing constraints imposed by the evolution of regulations, the increasing impacts of sustainability and the regional economic role of airports, the airport stakeholders face accelerating changes in airlines (low cost), passenger experience (growth of traffic and needs of more and more services), technology & innovation (digitalization, data analysis, autonomous and/or flying vehicles, valet parking…), etc. 

Building of the airport strategy needs to be anticipated but must remain flexible due to its necessary adaptation to the ever changing environment. Being supported by a 360° consulting and engineering airport company like ADP Ingénierie is an asset for the shareholders as well as the operators. In the current Indian airport landscape, the development of our presence in India is extremely promising.


Opening of the 3rd Aviation Modernization Summit in India

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