Ombretta Russo takes part in GAPS 2019

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Ombretta Russo takes part in IATA Global Airport Conference and Passenger Symposium 2019

On October 16, Ombretta Russo (Airport Planning Manager in the Strategic Planning Department) spoke at the Global Airport and Passenger Symposium (GAPS) conference organized each year by IATA.

This year's topic was "Building capacity for the future". Ombretta has been involved with NEXTT, IATA working group and ACI, whose main mission is to propose topics on the future of airports. This group has 3 objectives:

  • 1. Build consensus on future airport concepts at the industry level
  • 2. Determine R & D, Standardization and Regulatory Requirements
  • 3. Organize energies at work to facilitate the realization of these concepts

Ombretta intervened in the topic "transforming airports" to present the approach of ADP Ingénierie regarding the terminal of tomorrow. For this event, she presented an impact assessment on the use of NEXTT concepts on a specific case study to demonstrate how to best optimize existing infrastructures in an environment that is constantly evolving.

Following this presentation, Ombretta reproduced the same presentation for a webinar organized by IATA and ACI. The results of our study will be shared with the teams of ADP Ingénierie during a dedicated KM. This one will be programmed in the next weeks.

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