Next to the Dubai Airport Show, the Global Airport's Forum took place

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Stéphane Dardeau, head of business development for the Central Asia, Middle East and East Africa BU, participated in the session organized around the different flows of people and their impact on airport security, the theme of this last day of work’s debates.

Karim Labib, Head of ICAO's Aviation Security & Facilitation Middle East Department, Harish Kapoor, Sales Manager of Rapiscan Systems and Stéphane Dardeau exchanged under the guidance of Senior Airworthiness Inspector Hend Sameer Ala Whadi, Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority.

The panelists discussed the risks present on and around airports, the sharing of data, the technologies available to fight against the dangers within airports.

ADP Ingénierie has put forward its know-how and its sense of innovation on the subject of safety. In this context, Stéphane Dardeau has promoted ADP Ingénierie's "Security by Design" offering, highlighting its architectural know-how and the importance of thinking of a design that will enhance and strengthen passenger safety. 

With a question from the audience about the drones and the threat of their use by malicious people, Stéphane Dardeau put forward the innovative solution of Hologarde carried by the Groupe ADP and ADP Ingénierie.

The applause at the end of the session showed the satisfaction of the audience which people sharing positive feedback later on confirmed. 

Next to the Dubai Airport Show, the Global Airport's Forum took place

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