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In 2018, Groupe ADP, parent company of ADP Ingénierie, acquired the American Airport company named Merchant Aviation. 

This well-known and growing company allows ADP Ingénierie, in the behalf of Groupe ADP, to be well positioned on the North-American market which offers great business airport opportunities.

In 2018, Groupe ADP, parent company of ADP Ingénierie, acquired the American Airport company named Merchant Aviation.

Groupe ADP wishes to strengthen its engineering business in the United States with the acquisition of Merchant Aviation

In order to develop its engineering, investment and airports operations activities, Groupe ADP has acquired, through its subsidiary ADP International, Merchant Aviation, a New York/New Jersey based aviation consulting firm. The expertise of this consulting firm in strategic planning is complementary to ADP Ingénierie's portfolio and strengthens Groupe ADP's market presence in North America.

Founded in 2015 by Kiran Merchant, who previously led the Aviation Planning Division at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Merchant Aviation is a growing aviation consulting firm, whose principals have worked at more than 50 airports around the world.

Their experience includes strategic visioning, airport planning, design and construction, airline operations and financial feasibility studies, with rich and numerous references in New York/New Jersey region, Dallas-Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, etc.

Merchant Aviation is a long-term business partner of ADP Ingénierie as the two companies initiated a strategic partnership in 2016.

On this occasion, Fernando Echegaray, Chief Executive Officer of ADP International, highlights: "this target acquisition is structuring because with thirty hubs among the world's top 100 airports, the North American market offers significant growth opportunities, particularly due to the need for modernization of several major airports."

Gratien Maire, Chief Executive Officer of ADP Ingénierie, to add: "Merchant Aviation's strategic planning contribution is a perfect complement to our comprehensive service offerings to airports clients. More than ever, the requirements are met to boost our development in the US market."

And Kiran Merchant, Chief Executive Officer of Merchant Aviation noted: "Groupe ADP is a vast resource of fresh thinking and cutting-edge global aviation expertise. This combined with Merchant Aviation’s Holistic, Innovative and Strategic approach, brings the best of both worlds to the high caliber of consulting services our clients have come to expect from us."

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