Luxembourg-Findel Airport renews its confidence in ADP Ingénierie

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Lux-Airport, which operates Luxembourg-Findel airport, is a long-standing client of ADP Ingénierie. For several years now, our teams have been supporting it in its development projects, particularly in Project Management for the upgrading of the baggage sorting system to Standard 3 and the regular performance of infrastructure studies (aircraft area lighting, etc.).

At the beginning of 2020, ADP Ingénierie was awarded the studies for the terminal's master plan.

The missions are as follows:

  • Provide an opinion on the traffic forecasts available,
  • Develop a simulation model of passenger flows in the Terminal, which will make it possible to determine the real capacity of the Terminal as it is currently operated,
  • Identify scenarios for the rearrangement/expansion of the Terminal in order to accommodate the expected traffic volumes in the short, medium and long term with an appropriate level of service.


For this last point, several services will be carried out:

  • Short-term "quick wins" measures to make certain critical stages of the passenger journey more fluid and/or to provide a better level of service to certain categories of passengers deemed crucial by the operator,
  • In the medium term (4/5 years), scenarios for reorganizing the Terminal, in its current location,
  • In the long term, alternatives for extending the Terminal, on the landside and/or airside side


In the light of the COVID-19 crisis, the cards are being reshuffled and we need to adapt the project. In partnership with our client, we have proposed additional services to better respond to the new challenges and future prospects for the safety and health of passengers:

  • What health measures should be implemented in order to regain passenger confidence?
  • What consequences will these measures have on the capacity of the Terminal and the way it is operated?
  • How to adapt the organization of the Terminal to be better prepared for a potential future health crisis?


Our strength lies in our ability to offer objective feedback on the proposed equipment / technologies that will have already been tested on our Paris platforms or in the Group's other airports.


It is our client's long-term confidence and our 360° airport expertise that enables us to meet this challenge.

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