Last day for the 3rd Aviation Modernization Summit

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The beginning of this second and last day of the 3rd Aviation Modernization Summit was very busy for ADP Ingénierie with several visits on its booth before the first conference and during the breaks.

One of the most interesting subjects of this day was the « discussion panel » moderated by Philippe Delaplace and dedicated to « are airports ready for future Technology? ». Around Philippe, several managers were representing the airports, the airport consultants and the suppliers working in India. 

If the Indian airport authorities request an architecture design respecting the traditions, culture and art of the country, all airports planning projects of development give an increasing place to technology and innovation. The known amounts of investments are huge.  

The airports are ready for new technology and innovation. But, due to numerous constraints they have to face (efficiency, finance, shareholders objectives...), they probably aim to implement them in a global and long-term approach, and slower than expected by both impatient and convinced passengers (improvement of passenger experience) and suppliers (fully involved in innovation). 

Second point, all topics around this issue implies to answer the following question: « who is my passenger? » (for the 20 last years, we answered the question: »where is my passenger? »).

Whatever the issues, due to its 360 degree expertise and its aggressive commitment in innovation, ADP Ingénierie will undoubtedly become very soon a promising and efficient airport solutions provider in India.

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