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From 24 to 26 October, the 8th edition of the Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar, co-organized by Hubstart Paris Région® with its partner Beijing New Aerotropolis Holdings, was held in Beijing.

The innovative concept of Sustainable Airport Areas, launched by Hubstart in 2011, aims to ensure long-term, sustainable development that is profitable for the region, its businesses and residents. The concept is based on four pillars: sustainable development and urban quality, economic diversification and upgrading, job creation and accessibility for residents, environmental performance and quality of life.

These three days of conferences brought together recognized international airport experts on the theme " Building on distinctive drivers for a long-term sustainable success"

The international speakers came from 16 airports including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Amsterdam, Vantaa, Atlanta, Denver, Vancouver, Edmonton, UAE ... Several employees of Groupe ADP, the ESR and sustainable development department, the real estate department as well as ADP Ingénierie participated in the event. An introduction on the Beijing Daxing Airport project was made and presented the concept of the passenger terminal under the angle "How to build the new generation of terminals" in the context of a country like China, where the demand for travel by air is increasing very fast and where requirements are very high? One of ADP Ingénierie's employees presented the holistic approach to designing sustainable airports.

Three discussion panels were offered to participants:

  • Valorizing Culture, Heritage and Local Way of life as factor of attractiveness;
  • Preserving Environment and Ecology as factor of sustainability;
  • Building a tailored model for economic development as factor of success.

At the end of the seminar, participants visited the construction site of the future Beijing-Daxing airport, an exceptional construction site on different aspects such as its size and the speed of the execution. 

These meetings enrich the debate and provide examples of good practices, as hubs increase, air traffic increases and the question of the impact of airport activity on the territories is at the heart of all discussions.

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