Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Airport

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On June 20th, Stanislas Lego and Arthur Perkins took part in the event "Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Airport", organized by Proavia at the DGAC offices.

Several presentations were planned around innovative solutions applied to a more responsible management of the airport. Hot topic at a time when people are measuring the whole place of the environment in their daily lives. The airport cannot turn away from its responsibility for the sound management of its relationship to the environment.

Sogarel - for Lille Airport - shows its commitment on various fronts: prevention against water and soil pollution, waste recovery, control of energy and water consumption (firefighters consume large quantity for their tests with more than 2000m3 / year on the Lille platform), GHG emission reduction plan, consultation with residents and municipalities on noise pollution, development of the average load. Sogarel also introduced a local circular economy initiative where used employee clothing is turned into insulation for platform maintenance.

Toulouse Blagnac airport has committed with ENGIE (through the Hyport project), in the development of hydrogen (H2) on the platform and its environment with 4 objectives: Developing green H2 (from energy sources renewable or green PPP contract), infrastructure in the airport and on the territory and hydrogen car rental services around the airport: buses, utilities, tourism.

Roland-Garros Reunion airport has already exceeded its objectives. The airport is certified ISO14001 and 50001, ACA2: objective ACA3 for 2020. The airport has chosen a bioclimatic architecture that makes the most of the trade winds to promote natural ventilation and limit air conditioning needs. There is also a deployment of photovoltaic roofing and parking shades and the study of the use of seawater to cool the air (SWAC system sea water air conditioning).

Geneva airport plans to dispense with fossil fuel and to make the transition from air conditioning to a heat recovery solution in the waters of Lake Geneva.

Vinci Airports aims to upgrade to 100% recycling in Salvador de Bahia by 2021 and reduce CAT1 waste at Gatwick Airport.

Groupe ADP, also present, discussed its project for the treatment of polluted effluents in winter (de-icing): the use of plots and aerated gravel filters.

Many companies participated in the event to pitch their business, helping to make the airport more efficient, responsible and sustainable. It was also a great opportunity for industry players to meet and discuss these topics. These solutions are encouraging, both by the scope of actions they cover and by the awareness of the various players in the industry.

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