Innovation at the heart of airport industry transformation

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The ACI-NA Annual Conference in Nashville keeps going and will end on October 2nd. In addition to meetings, the event is punctuated by smaller events and conferences about the airport and how the industry works.

Yesterday, the organizers gathered a panel of speakers to talk about how incorporating a culture of innovation.
The discussion was held by Christina Cassotis, CEO of Allegheny County Airport Authority, Christina Heggle, Investment Principal JetBlue Technology Ventures and Sarah Naqvi, Executive VP & Chief Information Officer for HMSHost Corporation and was facilitated by Michael J. Landguth, President & CEO Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.

The answers showed the companies ambition to, not only sum up innovation to new technologies, but mainly to deeply transform the company to put the culture of innovation and change at the heart of employees' daily life and ensure a real transformation.

All airport stakeholders understand well what is at stake with innovation and how this should exist in their organizations. Time will tell us how these initiatives will impact the business.

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