Groupe ADP took part in the key notes organized during ACI Airport Exchange 2018 in Norway

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Thematic key notes are organized as part of the ACI Airport Exchange 2018 in Norway. Groupe ADP is participating in two of them on this first day of events.

This morning, Olivier Guichard, ADP Ingénierie Deputy Director General in charge of Strategy and Business Development was among the panelists gathered to discuss the role of the airport in national economic development. Alongside airport managers from Greece, Oman and South Africa led by one of Rome's Fiumicino airport managers, Olivier Guichard, drawing on our most recent major projects and airport cities features that constitute our Parisian hubs, has demonstrated the leading role of airports in terms of innovation, environment and economic development at least at regional level. He put the importance of this influence in the decision to design a second or third airport in the vicinity of major cities. The questions asked by the participants showed the importance of the relationship with local communities and municipalities in this context.

This afternoon, Sébastien Couturier, director of the Groupe ADP's Innovation Hub, spoke among the Innovation Managers of the IATA, AOE, SITA Lab and SESAR JU companies and organizations under the supervision of a ACI manager who facilitated the event. He mentioned the 15 experimental programs conducted each year by Groupe ADP before presenting the improvement in operational efficiency that ensued for Paris-Aéroport and the group's international portfolio of airport platforms. He emphasized the challenge of innovation to speed up the transformation of airports and that of the ecosystem created with start-up incubators and investment funds for the development of this innovation.

Groupe ADP took part in the key notes organized during ACI Airport Exchange 2018 in Norway

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