Groupe ADP 2020 full-year results

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2020 Financial results marked by the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Groupe ADP traffic [2]: decrease by -60.4% [3], at 96.3 million passengers (excluding traffic at Istanbul Atatürk and excluding GMR Airports platforms in 2019);
  • Paris Aéroport traffic (Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly): -69.4% at 33.1 million passengers;
  • Consolidated revenue down by -54.5%, at 2,137 million, due to the important impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the revenue from aviation and retail activities in Paris as well as from TAV Airports and AIG on the international level;
  • Positive EBITDA [4] at +€168 million, down by -€1,604 million (-90.5%), due to the sharp decline in revenue, partially offset by the implementation of an operational and financial optimization plan undertaken throughout the group (decrease in the total operating expenses by €1,023 million, mainly under the drive of the optimization plan implemented for €668 million, within the €650 to €700 million announced range [5], and the remainder being linked to the effects of the decline in activity);
  • Impairment of assets [6] for an amount of €378 million (in NRAG), with an impact of €423 million on the operating income from ordinary activities (before tax);
  • Operating income from ordinary activities at -€1,123 million, down by -€2,217 million;
  • Net result attributable to the Group at -€1,169 million, down by -€1,757 million.
Groupe ADP 2020 full-year results

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