FLYING WHALES is planning its first assembly plant of airships

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In its edition of August 5, 2019, the Le Figaro daily newspaper presented the project of airships designed by the Flying Whales Company of which ADP Ingénierie is partner.

Including several shareholders already giving the company its multinational identity, Flying Whales is planning its first assembly plant of Large Capacity Airships (LCA) 60T dedicated to the transport of heavy and bulky loads. “Two cities, one hour far from Bordeaux by car, are shortlisted to welcome the first assembly plant of the Made in France airships”, explains Le Figaro.

In a second step, the company aims to deploy operation platforms in France and abroad, especially in the Americas (from Quebec) and in Asia (from China). In this context, Flying Whales has wished to benefit from the expertise of ADP Ingénierie in order to identify and embrace technical, regulatory, environmental and societal issues to design about 150 LCA60T airship bases, intended for low-cost and point-to-point transport of heavy and voluminous loads, but also for possible conversion and operation of existing airport platforms.

To do so, remember that, Gratien Maire, CEO of ADP Ingénierie, a subsidiary of Groupe ADP, and Sébastien Bougon, CEO of Flying Whales, had signed on Thursday June 20, at the occasion of the Paris Air Show (SIAE) at Le Bourget, a memorandum of understanding for the further development of a long-term partnership to deploy LCA60T airship bases.

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