Flying Whales at the Dubai World Expo

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Flying Whales, in which Groupe ADP is a shareholder, builds airships for cargo transport. While airships are not a new solution, this application puts them in a leading position

Airships are used to transport heavy loads, loading and unloading them (the LCA60T can carry 60 tons of goods) in isolated areas, and this, in hovering flight. With the ambition of opening up these areas to the world while offering an environmentally friendly solution, Flying Whales offers a development alternative that is totally in line with today's societal challenges.

This nugget of French industrial engineering has its place in the French pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, where it will be part of the permanent exhibition. The exhibition is an opportunity for France to showcase its talents, assets, ambitions and expertise as countries come together to discuss the challenges humanity faces and cooperate in the implementation of sustainable solutions for the planet and its people.

The fact that the World Expo is being held in Dubai is no small feat for Groupe ADP, which has offices there. It is a first for a country in the Middle East and a recognition of its international status. 


Flying Whales at the Dubai World Expo

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