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On September, 6th, was at ADP Ingénierie offices in Athis-Mons to make a presentation of its activity. Peter von Campe, Sales Director, represented the start-up., previously known as IDMOG, aims at deploying AI on industrial sites: factories, electrical plants, etc.

"We will have a lot of connectors which will collect inductrial data, we are able to collect, structure and harness the data", as Aymeric Preveral-Etcheverry, COO of explains. These data will feed the platform predictive algorithms and create dashboards, e-mail or sms alerts, reports or feed BI systems. The startup works with ADP – Aéroports de Paris. predicts the number of luggage per day and per hour and gives a good overview of the charge. It allows to predict the system's capacity to handle the luggage flow and to organize maintenance. "We supply a tool that is not a black box but a platform on which clients can take control of algorithm", as indicated by Clément Collignon, in charge of Business Development.

ADP Ingénierie and ADP International seek ways of collaboration with the start-up:

  • In a new system, using artificial intelligence (the machine learning part) to capitalize the experiences in design, relatively analyzing  by rationalizing and automating with the help of a comparison system of similar projects, improving its fiability and gaining rapidity ;
  • Leading exploratory researches to confirm sizing hypothesis (traffic, output, peak hour…) ;
  • With ADP International: using extisting data on baggage handling to feed the machine learning and obtain better algorithms ;
  • For a "small" airport, using data of another airport to predict the flows ;
  • Collect returns on experience from the airports we designed to check its efficiency compared to the real data we registered for the baggage handling system.

Promising leads for collaborative work, to be multiplied with but also with other start-ups to propose spearhead technical and technological solutions.


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