A delegation from Zanzibar meets ADP Ingénierie and Paris-Aéroport

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ADP Ingénierie and Paris-Aéroport received this week a delegation of representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Zanzibar. 

The program was: 

  • Monday: visit of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday, including the airside, 
  • Tuesday; day of work in our premises to talk about topics as diverse as the ORAT, maintenance, the BHS, the visual docking guide system, PBB, safety systems ...

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, but retains a large degree of autonomy from the mainland. It is an archipelago composed of 3 main islands for a total area of about 1,700 km2 (about the size of a department like Essonne). The archipelago has about 1.3 million inhabitants.

ADP Ingénierie and Zanzibar now have a long history together! Our teams signed their first contract with the country in 2013. The project involves the construction of a new Terminal with an area of nearly 22,000 m2 for a capacity of 1.6 MPax (international + domestic). It also includes an aircraft parking area as well as all the infrastructures on the city side.

At the time, ADP Ingénierie responded to a call for tenders for the selection of a consultant whose mission was to diagnose the technical problems the project was facing. Indeed, the work had started in 2011 and knew some slowdowns. At the beginning of 2013, the Client decided to suspend the work in order to put the project back on track. The consultant's role was therefore to propose solutions likely to allow the work to resume. And that's when we intervened.

In September 2013, a permanent representative of our teams was in Zanzibar and our action allowed the restart of the works in spring 2014. This coincided with the signing of a 2nd contract for ADP Ingénierie, for work supervision services. This contract was renewed in November 2017, for a 2-year period.
Our on-site team currently includes 1 expatriate and 3 locals, who are supported by a dozen experts in Paris who intervene punctually.

The project is funded by China and the work is being done by a Chinese company (BCEG). The project budget is worth $ 128 million and completion is planned for 2020.
The Owner is the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (MoICT) of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (and not of Tanzania ...). The operation will be carried out by Zanzibar Airports Authority, a MoICT agency that already operates Zanzibar Airport and Pemba Airport (another island in the Zanzibar archipelago).

Gratien Maire came to welcome the delegation

A delegation from Zanzibar meets ADP Ingénierie and Paris-Aéroport

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