Bagage Handling System managers test collaborative VR at ADP Ingénierie

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Early October, ADP Ingénierie welcomed a meeting with the manager in charge of operations for the TDS 3 project management (DIAP3), the development expert, in charge of T2 baggage infrastructures development (CDGB) and the project manager baggage handling (DIAMS) for the baggage handling operations. 

Thanks to a start-up solution, our teams were able to put in VR the model (very rich in data) of the TBS3 TDS4. 
Our visitors had the opportunity to test the model in a collaborative mode (one with the helmet, one with the 3D projection together with 3D glasses) and review the design. 

The pros of such a solution:

  • Share a same model in remote collaborative mode (contributors can be on 2 different sites, the other person appearring in the VR model as an avatar) ;
  • Use cutting tools of the model in the virtual reality ;
  • Annotate virtual reality objects and export annotations;
  • Move objects in real time inside the virtual reality.

The participants confirmed, through experience, the interest of such a technological solution, especially for projects (review of the model at the design/maintenance phase). Questions 
have been  raised about the contractual validation of a 3D model: how to apply for a visa from a digital model (still today visas are based on Autocad plans)? What are we expected from companies in the contracts? How to issue a caveat on a numerical model?
Everyone agreed that the future is digital, but that validation procedures must follow technological evolution.

Virtual reality is a real asset - if it still had to be demonstrated - and allows us to offer a real added value of service to our customers. Solutions that our teams continue to explore to provide a service always at the forefront of innovation.

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