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23 airports of the Groupe ADP's network launch the "Airports for trust" charter, and commit to building a sustainable and responsible future

Groupe ADP and several partners companies belonging to the world's leading airports network – TAV Airports, Airports International Group (Amman), Liège Airports, ZAG (Zagreb), Nuevo Pudahuel (Santiago de Chile) and Ravinala Airports (Madagascar) – have signed the "Airports for trust" charter.

Through this charter, the signatories – representing 23 airports out of the group's current network of 27 – announce their common ambition to build an even more sustainable and responsible airport industry, with enhanced cooperation.
All the signatories' airports of this charter share a common ambition: being leaders in terms of environmental protection. This means being exemplary within their field of action and by taking additional initiatives to extend their policy to the entire airport value chain.

To this end, the charter commit to four main ambitions:

  • Move towards zero environmental impact operations, to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 for all the signatories. Paris Aéroport has already reduced by 71% its CO2 emissions per passenger over the 2009-2019 period. Outside France, six of the group's airports (Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Delhi, Hyderabad and Amman) have already achieved carbon neutrality as part of the ICA Airports Carbon Accreditation of ACI (Airports Council International);
  • Actively participate in the aviation sector’s environmental transition efforts and, when applicable, provide solutions airside. For instance, Paris Aéroport is already working for the arrival of alternative sustainable fuels and hydrogen-powered aircraft, to enable the advent of carbon-free aviation by the middle of the century;
  • Promote the integration of each airport into a local resource system: enable short routes, promote circular economy and spread production of resources on site (geothermal power station in France, solar panels in Bodrum, etc.);
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of airport planning and development projects (sober design, low carbon construction and renovation of infrastructures and building).


Zagreb international Airport, Croatia (ZAG, MZL Josip Skof)
Santiago de Chile international Airport, Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel)
Izmir international Airport, Turkey (TAV Airports)

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