Airports face a change of paradigm

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Augustin de Romanet, chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP, explained in his recent interviews: “Restarting air connectivity is crucial to the economy. Airlines but also tourism, hotels, congresses depend on it. Trust must be recreated to meet the demands of travelers.”

At the end of the epidemic, the re-start of the air connectivity will be definitely an issue. Apart re-starting their facilities and implementing long-term strict containment measures, airport stakeholders will have to adapt their strategy and investments, and plan short-term projects that will aim at restoring passengers’ trust.

The world as we know it is forever changed. This new reality transforms the way we perceive interdependency and the connections between countries, and our understanding of travel.

Thus, more strategically, airports face a change of paradigm: they had to face an important increase of traffic; they have to favor a development of traffic now. One of their key solutions could be the not only green but also white and smart airport.

This way of thinking is right on its way already and every actor of our industry must take part in building this new airport as it is not only a matter of safety, operational efficiency or environmental concerns but mostly a question of preserving the health of us all.

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